Business Angels Romania International Conference in Iasi

On 8-9 November, business angels and entrepreneurs came together in Romania for the Business Angels Romania International Conference to exchange ideas, find potential collaborators and, hopefully, make history together. The conference took place in Iasi, where the first Romanian Nobel Prize Winner, Emil Palade, was born. Blue Air – the official travel partner for the Business Angels Romania International Conference – helped ensure that attendees from all over the world came to the conference so that they could discover the Romanian innovation scene.

One of the most important takeaway messages from the conference, among many, was that successful entrepreneurs are the ones who believe in an idea and know how to get others to join in and develop it together. Success is achieved when people cooperate to form a solid team with a shared goal. Real investors know this and are always on the lookout for successful teams to join. Those who take on the role of “business angel” must have the belief that a career is fully accomplished only when you manage to share your success by dedicating yourself to helping others get to the top.

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The International Conference was a part of Business Angels Week – the largest awareness campaign for angel investment in the world organized by EBAN. EBAN President Candace Johnson also attended the conference and shared her extensive experience as an investor.

In addition to the outstanding International Conference, another success for Business Angels Romania has been their participation in the ESIL European Project (Early Stage Investing Launchpad pilot) that has the overall objective of developing and boosting the activities for Business Angels through an international capacity building program.

The Business Angels Romania International Conference continues to make its mark in the European early stage ecosystem – from the 2015 conference in Bucharest, to this year’s effort in Iasi and the upcoming 2017 conference set to take place in Cluj, Business Angels Romania continue to develop angel investing in their country and beyond.

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